Sunday, July 19, 2009

all things come to an end.

But should the endings be sad all the time? I've had a lot of heartbreaks, a lot of tears fell down my cheeks, a lot of people came and left my rainbow colored life. I've been through a lot of storms, a lot of endings greatly affected my life. I ended my silence a year ago and that was a great ending, we moved on but I'm sure he moved on first. I ended my being a weak creature only weeks ago and it was another great ending. Now, there's an ending again, this time a sad one.

There are so many questions bothering me right now. They say that there are only very few truths in life. Number 1, everyone's given the chance to be alive. Number 2, everyone will be ill even just once in his life. Number 3, everything comes to an end including life. Now, my biggest question is, are friendships supposed to end?

I don't know the answer, but I do hope it's the 2-letter word. I'm scared, I don't like more sad endings, I don't like failed friendships, I don't like people to leave. Weird enough, what happens is what I don't like. Yes, I suffered a failed friendship. Still suffering actually, just because of stupid basketball.

If I were another person, I'd hate basketball right now. It made me cry a couple of times because of sad loses and sad news, it gave me the wrong impression that I can be friends with people who love the same team as mine who I only meet online, and now, it's making my life miserable. But I'm not another person. With or without basketball, maybe something like this would've happen anyway.

Failed friendships, why are there failed friendships? Sometimes, it's because of lies, lack of trust, misunderstandings. In my case, it's probably because of differences, differences which are not handled well, common denominators which are not common anymore. In math, one can only add or subtract fractions with common denominators, if they're not the same, one can find the least common denominator if he wants to. In life, it's the same thing. We can only have good relationships if we have common denominators or if we put some extra effort in finding any common denominator at all. Maybe, just maybe, they don't like the idea finding it. The easiest common denominator? Both must want to be friends again despite differences.

Closed doors. Maybe they've closed doors for me, maybe they've closed doors for similarities, for friendship. I've always been open to them, I've told them before about what I felt but they didn't like it. I tried not telling them and they didn't like it as well. I don't know what to do, what to feel, what to expect. My doors are open, their worlds aren't. I did things, but they weren't enough for people who don't want to be friends with someone like me anymore just because of very shallow stuff.

I have a clear conscience, there are so many things they're accusing me which are not true. They have said so many ill stuff about me, I'm supposed to be strong and not care at all but I can't help but be sad about the whole thing. But then again, what can I do but pretend that I can face everything?

If you guys are reading this, I'm very glad. I wanna explain my side. First off, I don't think there's anything wrong with congratulating the winners and in wishing that some other players go the Finals MVP title instead. It's part of being a person with sportsmanship, just like what two of your team's players showed when they came up the stage to smile, to take their trophy, and be thankful that they got to the Finals. Second, I never said teased you about the result of the game, that not how I roll. I never called you losers and I never will, there's nothing good I can get from that. Third, I'm not comparing any team to yours. If you're pertaining to Purefoods, sorry, I don't have a team. I've been a PBA fan since February. Fourth, you're asking me why I joined, right? I joined the group because I wanted friends who share the same passion, not because I wanted to be an ultimate fan. I thought I'd find real friends. But then again, I thought wrong. Fifth, I hope that you won't judge my future by saying that no one will ever treat me right because right now, there are those who do and sadly, you're not like them. You're not seers to say these stuff, you don't know what the future holds. Sixth, I erased my post because I realized that that post won't change the mood of everyone. I wanted to encourage some fans (which do not include you) to not cry over spilled milk. You can't make your team win by being bitter.

What else.. Oh yeah, I have friends. I'm not a loner. I actually have a group at school and we're composed of more than 10 members. We hang out together and we're real friends. Don't judge me that easily because you don't even know me and you haven't even seen me in person. You say that I'm a waste of time yet you waste your time plurking about me. Yeah, I admit that I'm sometimes a cry baby. But ask any of my friends if they've seen me cry recently because I haven't. You call me "plastic." But no, I'm not. I'm real and I don't care what people say about me. I'm too frank and that's probably why you guys hate me. I don't do things that a plastic person does, I don't make people that I don't like feel that I like them or something.

I'm not a Ginebra hater. I loved Ginebra before, long before I knew about the real stuff. And how the hell can you say that I'm a Ginebra hater? Ginebra has Macky Escalona, Eric Menk, Cyrus Baguio, Chico Lanete, Chris Pacana, and Junthy Valenzuela. I love these players and they're in your team. Do you really think I'd hate your team if I love almost half of your players? Oh please.

It's been an extremely sad ending to what could've been a long and happy friendship. I had so many dreams about our group like watching together once I'm 18 or something. I told one of you that before. And she even told me that she'll love me even if I'd become a fan of her hatest team. Where is she now? She's one of you, one of those who hate me. I love the group even if I left Ginebra. Problem is, when I left Ginebra, you hated me. Oh well, as they say, "Good things don't last." This is life, there's nothing left to do but to hold on despite the strong winds that blow.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smile. :)

Hanna took the what do people first notice about you? quiz and the result is your smile

As soon as people look at you, they automatically as dazzled by your great smile! You have the ability to light up an entire room! Your wonderful smile is what gets you noticed!

Just sharing. It's funny, I never thought about my smile for a long time. Some people ask me why I always smile. And now, I'm about to tell you guys why. Well, I guess I just love smiling. It's a great therapy. I mean, you'll never get stressed once you're used to smiling. Sadly, it looks like my smile's becoming more and more fake each time. I guess it's because I force myself to smile in spite of sadness or annoyance. I just don't like people seeing me sad.. I think that, somehow, I affect them when they see my mood, especially my friends. They seem to be sad too when they see me sad. Yeah, so that's that. Just had the sudden urge to share. :))

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

your blog is fabulous! :]

I want to thank my dearest Ate Madge for this fabulous award. :] Love you!


1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are FABULOUS.

3. Be sure to link your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

My Nominees:

Ate Madge's blogs (super fab lahat!)

** senxa na, konti lang kasi yung alam kong may updated blogs eeh. **

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got tagged again! Haha. Ngayon lang ulit or ngayon ko lang nakita? :)) And since ang tagal ko ng hindi nagppost, dito ko nilagay 'tong tag chorva. Got tagged by Ate Madge. :)

In this tag thingy, you have to state 9 true things about yourself and 1 untrue thing. In my case, bahala na kayong manghula kung alin ung hindi totoo! :))

10. I am really really really grade conscious.

9. I'm getting really addicted to PBA. I watch every game already!

8. I drink coffee everyday! Minsan, two times pa. Bad, I know! :))

7. Hindi ako ganun ka-bitter ngayong Valentine's day.

6. I'm happy for Talk N Text Tropang Txters for winning the All-Filipino Cup Championship.

5. I looove the song Closer You and I.

4. I'm in love right now.

3. I was squealing a while ago nung nakita ko ung kras ko. Mahina nga lang para hindi rinig ng iba. :))

2. Naka-unli ako ngayon pero hindi nagpaparamdam. (as usual. haha.)

1. Wish ko na sana kaya kong sayawin at kantahin ung Single Ladies ng parang si Beyonce.

jaran! hmmm. i'll taggg:

  • paaatt.
  • mich.
  • dia.

yun lang. :] i missed posting. kaso sa multi nalang muna siguro ako for now. at dun sa isa kong blog which is so-not-updated! :))

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Friday, December 19, 2008

All about Jamships! :)

I don't really know why I suddenly thought about this post while staring at nothing. Well, it's probably because everything in my mind is PBA-related and my cellphone's inbox is all Jamships-related. :)

Anyway, I'd better not go off-topic. So, this whole post is about my beloved Jamships, our likes, dislikes, etc.

* complete the statement: Lahat ng Jamships ay _______
  • supportive - aba, bawal ata ang hindi supportive sa group! haha. super supportive ng Jamships sa BGK man or sa other members. support ng support sa games ng team at kahit sa jobs at exams ng isa't isa. :)
  • madaling kiligin - bawat game, siguradong tili lahat! haha. super kinikilig ang lahat pag naglalaro ng maganda ang mga mahal nila sa team.
  • mabait - super welcome agad sa new members at walang away na nagaganap. kahit na, siguro, minsan may mga misundesrtanding, walang confrontation or war na nangyayari.
  • understanding - we respect each others opinions and reactions
  • mapagmahal - sa bgk at sa members ng group! alabshu jamships!
  • sweet - bawat text may mwah, *hug,* amishu, at aylabyu. sarap maging jamship no?
  • may kaweirdohang taglay - hmm. siguro ginawa na ni ate madge na requirement 'to? lahat ksi sa jamships, weird! haha. promise, mapa orig member or kagaya kong additional. (new term to use. haha)
  • adik - madami kaming kaadikan! haha. lahat kami may common addiction. eto na. susunod na. ;)

** kaadikan ng jamships:

  • brgy ls fm - eto ung una kong napansin nung naging member ako. bawat gm dati may word na "rambo kayo" or "talk to papa," kung ano man yun.. hmm. try ko nga rin makinig..
  • gma7 - eto ang istasyon ng jamships. haha. lahat ata sila ay kapuso? sila, kasi ka-c/s, ka-makisig, ka-mtv, at ka-myx lang ako. ndi ako maxado nanonood ng tv eh.
  • anime - these days, laging may anime sa mga gm nila! ndi ako mxadong makarelate. ang huli ko napanood na anime ay slam dunk. :)) xhaka mga pinapanood kong anime dati, pangbata eh.. parang doraemon, cardcaptor sakura, at kung anu-ano pa. :))
  • survivor philippines - pinagpupuyatan nila ito! haha. lahat ata sila nanonood, ako lang ndi. haha. sorry naman at late na ksi un.
  • surveys at mga pagame - mga namimiss ko na. :(( tagal na rin nung last eh. pag may survey at game, halos lahat naka-unli kaya sabog ung inbox naming lahat!
  • unlitext at unlicalls - grabe. dati, unlitxt lang eh. tapos bigla nilang napagtripan na tawagan ang mga tulog na. buti nalang at hindi pa ko nabibiktima. :))
  • twilight - lahat nanood! haha. ang alam ko ah.. lahat edward ang bukambibig. lahat gusto maging vampire or gustong magkavampire. haha. saya! besides me and ate madge, may twice din ba nanood? hihi. :)
  • pba - kahit hindi BGK, go pa rin at nanonood!
  • bgk - duuuh. haha. mahal namin ang bgk. number one addiction namin yan. :)

*** jamships-related wishes

  • sana orig member ako. -- ewan ko kung bakit. i mean, lahat naman kami fair ang turingan pero iba pa rin ung nasa acronym ka eh.. parang you feel like you're that important kasi without you, walang "jamships," di ba?
  • sana makanood ako ng game with them. -- saya siguro nun at super ingay! nung nanood nga ako dati, kahit malayo ako from the tres marias (ate madge, tita am, mommy thania) tinginan kami nung pinasok si macky my love. :)
  • sana makapunta ako ng practice with them. -- para may magsalita for me pag nakita ko na si macky.. baka ndi ako makasalita eh. joke. :)) para msaya. super ingay siguro..
  • sana makapagparty kami together. -- aba, party pipz ata ang jamships! nawasak na nila ang kaharian ni tita am at ang redbox sa kaadikan! haha.
  • sana makasama ko sila sa 15th birthday ko -- sana talaga. that would probably be the happiest birthday ever.
  • sana maging housemates kaming lahat -- eto ung pinakaimposible. ndi 'to hahayaang mangyari dahil baka masira ung bahay sa 'min. hahaha!
  • sana lagi ko silang makasama at maging sobra sa super close kaming lahat!

**** lahat ng jamships ayaw sa _______

(eto ung most common, based sa gms.)

  • air21 express -- duuuh. =))
  • purefoods -- ayaw nila sa 2nd fave team ko..
  • anti-bgk -- aba syempre naman!
  • mga mayayabang at maaangas na player -- lahat naman ata
  • katahimikan -- allergic ata kami dyan? haha
  • picture frame as a gift -- la lang. nakita ko dun sa answers nila sa churvey eh.
  • -- wala na ko maisip. hahaha. post ako ulit pag meron pa --

haba no? :) pero i enjoyed writing this post. aliw eh. :) aylabshu jamships!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

tapos na kayo? sige, ako naman ah..

(Jamships, kayo lang ang makakaintindi nito. labshu all!)

Reaction paper ko naman. It's a free country!

Well, just wanted to post since I read a very bad post sa multiply ng isang member ng ating favorite fan club.

I don't know if you have read it already. It's really foul and sobra sa super na ang kasamaan, not only to us but also to the team.

I don't think I should post the whole thing. Baka kasuhan naman ako ng plagiarism.. haha. kaya may mga lines lang ako na binura.. I omitted some words.. Basta. It really made me feel worse eh ang sama na nga ng loob ko..

"baka sabihin na naman diyan ng iba, nasabihang GINEBRA FAN AKO. isang isa na lang. bibinggo na kayo saken. wala kayong karapatang magsalita ng kung anu ano dahil WALA NAMAN KAYONG ALAM. WALA KAYONG ALAM SA MGA PINAGDAANAN NAMIN, AT MAS LALONG HINDI NIYO KAYANG INTINDIHIN ANG PAGIGING FAN NAMIN. kaya pausap na ha? TUMAHIMIK NA LANG. iimik na naman e. wala naman sa lugar. "

"but i so love the game of my team. pwera na lang sa isa. hindi ko talaga siya magustuhan e. NAYAYABANGAN ako. pacenxa na. o magrereaction paper ka na naman? tae. hindi mo naman kasi alam e. ever since kasi, hindi ko na nagustuhan ugali nun. Pacenxa naman, hindi naman kasi parehas yung pinakita niyang ugali smen sa pinapakita niya sa inyo. pero yung tinitira niyo. may ginawa bang mali si PAU sa inyo? wala naman e. kaya wag kayong umarte na parang kilalang kilala nio siya. isa pa, yung pinagmamarte niyong pagbabantay ni Pau kay Jayjay, ginusto ba niya? at sa tingin niyo kung may nangyari bang masama kay Jayjay, matutuwa si Pau? tae. BASKETBALL yan e. natural lang yung ganung mga bagay. pero HINDI NAMAN SINASADYA. kaya wag kayong basta na lang nagsasalita dyan na kala mo napakasama nung tao. Paganahin naman ang utak kahit minsan lang. hindi yung basta basta na lang nagsasalita ng kung anu anong makasisira sa isang tao."

"NAINTINDIHAN MO? o cge, magreaction paper ka lang. siguraduhin mo lang na tama ka na sa mga sasabihin mo ha? siguraduhin mong tama ang mga bagay na ipinagmumura mo. at PAKISIGURO naman na nasa lugar ang DINADALDAL MO. sayang iniinit ng ulo mo e. MALING MALI ka naman."

I honestly think that I know kung para kanino 'to.. And I know na alam mo rin na tayo pinapatamaan dito. I just can't accept na nag-aaway ng ganito ang BGK fans. Kala ko ba isang pamilya? Kala ko ba we'll all support them till the end? Nung finals, tayong mga fans ang naging sandalan ng team. Pero pano nila tayo sasandalan kung ganito tayo di ba?

Sino nga ba ang nagsimula nito? Kami ba? Halerrr. Syempre naman, natural lang na ipagtanggol namin si "siya" kasi mabait siya sa 'min.. Sabihin na natin na ganun siya DATI, sabi nyo eh.. Kahit na di ba.. Kaya nga merong phrase na "second chance" di ba? People change. Hindi ba pwedeng kalimutan nalang natin yung dati at mag start over nalang? Kung ayaw niyo, eh di wag. Hindi ako namimilit.. As I said, it's a free country.

Hindi kasalanan sa mundo ang magpost ng reaction paper sa multiply. Bakit niyo pa binasa kung iinit lang pala ang mga ulo niyo because of it? I respect your opinions so you guys should respect our opinions too. Ako, ayoko sana ng gulo. Ayoko ng argument or something. Pero siguro nga, ganito talaga. We can't please everybody and we won't try to. We'll be ourselves and give our opinions dahil sayang naman ang freedom of speech. Baka dumating ang araw na may bayad na yan, kaya we might as well exercise our freedom.

Yan, baka naman sabihin niyo na nag reaction paper na naman kami. Sus ko naman, kaya nga sa blog ko na pinost and hindi sa multi di ba? I don't know how you'll reach this. Pero gusto ko lang ilabas ang mga nararamdaman ko kasi wala talaga akong masabihan.

Good luck nalang sa 'ting lahat sa next game natin. NEVER SAY DIE! AIM HIGH, KABARANGAY!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oo na.. Selfish na 'ko.

Pasensya na.. Umiral na naman kasi ang pagiging selfish ng adik kay M.E. haaay. asar kasi!

Try typing "Macky Escalona" sa google. Sa images ah. Tignan nyo ung mga lalabas sa search, especially ung mga blog.. Kabwisit! "I love Macky Escalona" daw?! Excuse me, where they still supportive after his career in Ateneo? Ilang beses ba sila bumoto for him sa Myx VJ Search? Kahit ba hindi siya masyado nakakapoints sa BGK ngayon, andyan pa rin ba sila?

Pasensya na talaga. I just can't accept it eh.. Haaay. Ako kasi, I know my sacrifices for him. Ewan ko ah.. Siguro nga selfish ako, super selosa or what eh wala naman talaga akong ipagseselos 'cause he's not mine di ba. (but he will be, hintayin mo ko _____! :)) joke.)

Eto pa, Jamships para sa inyo 'to. Alam niyo ba nagsign ako sa guestbook ng multi ng fave nating fans club daw ng BGK daw, sabi ko na pakiboto nga si M.E. sa vj search. As usual, wa fakels sila. Then, nakita ko as I searched kanina, na may post na sila nun and posted yun 1 day after kong magsign.. Hello? Grabe talaga. Kung hindi pa ko nagsign, hindi pa nila nalaman. Hindi man lang nagcomment sa pag-update ko.. grrrr.

Un lang naman. Nakakainis. I mean, how can they say that they love him kung simpleng pagsuporta, hindi nila magawa?! Sus ko day. It's not just about having pictures with him or talking to him 2 hours every BGK practice, it's supporting him wholeheartedly and not blaming him.

I'm in love with Macky Escalona truly, madly, and deeply!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tagged: The Random Stuff.

I got tagged by ate madz weeks ago. Eh ngayon lang nakapagpost ulit. haha. anyway...

-----------start copy here---------

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-------end copy------

6 random things about me

1. mahilig ako manood ng myx.. kahit nung hindi pa kasali si Macky Escalona sa VJ Search..

2. Ako ay isang frustrated singer at writer. haha. hindi ako magaling kumanta at magsulat, pero lab na lab ko gawin un...

3. dati na akong tumalon mula sa sinasakyang tricycle dahil sa takot malate. (phobia ko un.) ang resulta? dami kong sugat. meron sa baba, sa braso, sa tuhod at kung saan saan pa.

4. gumawa ako ng kanta para sa mahal ko nung second year.. parang teardrops on my guitar yung theme. parang broken hearted something something..

5. hindi ako mahilig sa pba dati, pero yun.. napanood ko ung game 3 ng pf vs slr at mula dun, naadik na ko.. that's the reason why ang pf ang unang napamahal sa 'kin at kung bakit naiinis ako sa pf haters, dahil ang pf ang naghatid sa kin sa pba..

6. takot ako sa matataas na lugar at sa mga masisikip na lugar or yung maraming tao. feeling ko kasi hihimatayin ako pag maraming tao.. haha.

I tagged:



Michelle O.




Sunday, October 5, 2008

Opening of PBA's 34th Season

To be honest, I was very frustrated. I was waiting from 3:00 tapos it started so late. I came from my retreat and was tired, of course. I was so sleepy too. "But I wouldn't miss it!," that's what I told myself. It was my first time to watch the opening.

It was fun. Well, quite boring to be honest. But fun because I missed PBA so much and wanted to see them all back. I looked for Macky, Jondan, and PJ first. Then, the rest. ;p

Makisig Morales was there, and also the little Red Lions from San Beda Mendiola (why can't they get the Little Red Lions/Indians from SBCA? Why Mendiola? The kids from our school are much cuter.. ;p) Also a player from Ateneo, is he in highschool? The ambassador from US (?) was also there! I forgot her name. Well, I know her name, not the spelling. ;p

The parade went on and on and on. Pokwang's muse for Coca-Cola. She had her grand entrance. Iwa Moto was muse for Ginebra. Iya Villania was muse for Purefoods. SMB had 3 muses. Shocking. :))

I saw the new players. Was shocked to see PF's lineup so different. Felt weird seeing Rain or Shine. I'm not used to that name. I'm used to saying Welcoat or Dragons or the team that beat PF 2 times last conference. (frustrating.. super.)

I watched the game. It was CCT vs. TNT. I missed PBA so much. But, unfortunately, I was unable to finish the game because I fell asleep. ;p

So glad PBA's back! Hope to see Purefoods and Ginebra fighting for the AFC Championship trophy! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

kasali xa sa myx vj search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nickname: MACKY
Age: 23 years old
Occupation: Basketball Player

Shooting hoops is definitely part of this guy’s life but this PBA player is looking at expanding his horizons. Basketball may be his first love but he also has a gift of gab that he is ready to show off. Who knows, he just might be the next face of MYX!

To vote for MACKY, Text MYXVJ 5
& Send to 2366


Macky Escalona is running for Myx VJ! He needs our support, mga kabarangay. Please vote for him. Text:MYXVJ 5 and send this to 2366. Every vote counts since the number of text votes is 30% of the final score! Let's prove that Barangay Ginebra can also be champions in this area! To check out the other people he's competing against, go to the

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BGK Jamships.

I never thought that I would be this close to the people in POL. I only joined because a fan told me of its existence. I joined to know more updates on my fave teams. But now, it's a very different story.

I became a member during the time when every member can use the shoutbox. I met Ate Madz who gave us the link to one of her blogs. I read it and found out how good she is at writing stuff. I admired her writing style. Then, I asked for her email address and added her up in yahoo messenger. We got closer when we were looking for tickets for Game 7 of the Smart PBA Fiesta Conference which is, of course, a game against Ginebra and Air 21. We both didn't get tickets and had to watch at home. I gave her my number and she gave me hers. We became "textmates."

I did not expect to find an older sister in her. I got much closer to her and told her some of the disturbing stuff in my life. She gave me advice. To be honest, she's quite closer to me than my half sister in the States.

I learned about the existence of BGK Jamships when I visited one of her blogs. I saw the blog and asked Ate Madz if it was okay if I'd join. She said that I would be welcome. But, I felt uncertain about joining. What if they can't accept me? What if I don't belong with them? What if having both BGK and PF as my two favorite teams would be a hindrance? What if they're only close to each other and not to newbies?

Ate Madz assured me that whatever happens, she'd be there. She told me stuff that made me feel like, "this is it. this is a sign. join, hanna. it might be a chance that will never happen ever again."

Ate Madz helped me from joining to keeping in touch with others. She gave me the care I was looking for from my very serious half sis. No wonder I love her already even if we haven't met!

I joined BGK JAMSHIPS. Ate Thania, the president of Jamships, welcomed me through text. I met the others and during weekends, I join them in text wars (if there's such a thing).

I think even my cell phone is wondering and if it could talk, it would probably say, "hanna, what happened? why do i receive approximately 20 messages an evening now? why do i always have load? why am i always registered on unlimited texting these days? heyy.. can you let me rest now? i'm tired.. and if you don't mind, please delete some messages. the memory's kinda low.."

I love BGK Jamships, they make me feel like I belong.. They make my cellphone happy.. They make more people switch to Globe. They make me feel like I have a thousand friends.. :)

Now that I am a member of BGK Jamships, I will never let this go.. I will never do something bad deliberately to any of them. I feel like we are one family. I am happy when I communicate with them and why should I stop doing what makes me happy??? ILY JAMSHIPS! I hope that we'll be closer to each other. :)

(emo? no... i just feel like writing about my dearest BGK Jamships.. :D)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's like magic.. :)

It is magic.. Really.. If you were able to watch the Ginebra Kings' rough start, you'll believe me. They started as the lowest of lows in the eliminations having 0 wins and 5 losses; even lower than the Welcoat Dragons which is a new team in the PBA. Who knew that they'll even be able to get in the quarter finals? Who knew that they'll end up as CHAMPIONS??

I'm a Purefoods Tender Juicy fan but I admire the Kings so much for their "never say die" spirit which I hope my team has too. I admire so many players in BGK and have loved it already. Actually, during the elimination game between Ginebra and Purefoods, I didn't know which team to support. In the end, Ginebra won and I wasn't sad at all 'cause I love both teams and who can blame me? I admire them both. You might not understand me and say that I'm "balimbing", just liking Ginebra because they won the Championship.. But believe me, I had a hard time choosing before. I felt that every time I cheered for the Kings, I was betraying the Giants. Oh come on... Am I the only abnormal one??

Anyway, the game last night was so good!! It had "thrill." At first, Ginebra took the lead. Well, not a BIG lead.. A normal one... I was so happy and was quite confident that we would win.. But, of course, I did not want to say it.. (I didn't wanna be like Coach Bo Perasol who had to eat all that he said before against Ginebra.) Then came the fourth quarter during which I actually felt like my heart would leap anytime while watching.. Good thing Mark Caguioa was there to the rescue. Though he was injured, he tried his best to grab the rebounds instead of shooting, which I think he knows wouldn't be advisable because of his injury. Eric Menk and Ronald Tubid? Oh.. What can I say? They made my jaw hang open stupidly in the air... Eric was simply amazing. Ronald was just great. Alexander was so persistent. He made me adore him more when he blocked "someone" foul-free (can't remember.. sorry..) even if he already had 5 fouls. His promise made me realize that he really deserves the Best Import of the Conference Award; not only because of his very good numbers, but also because of his spirit. He said before that he wouldn't like to leave the team without the championship. His promise and Mark's? Oh yes. Oh so fulfilled. :D

Mark: Thank you very much for the effort you showed last night. Although you weren't named mvp, I don't care. I still think you're one of the best. Even if you were injured badly, you still did your best; not for yourself but for the team. That's the spirit. Hope you'll get well soon!

You were so great last night. You showed everyone that even if you got injured, the MVP skills are still within you. Looks like a lot of people learned never to doubt your skills again! Congratulations Eric! See you next conference!

Chris A.
I'm gonna miss you so much. I admire you in every way there is in this world. I'll never forget your greatness, your kindness, your legendary salute, and of course you're never dying toothpick. Congratulations for bringing Ginebra to the finals! Hope to see you in the next Fiesta Conference!!

Congratulations on being the MVP. I'm so proud of you. You did it despite coming back from injury. You have shown everyone the perfect example of the never-say-die spirit. Keep it up! Hope you won't get injured ever again!

Hope you're okay. I was so sad during game 6 and last night 'cause I saw you sad and injured. I really hope that you're injuries will be healed soon. Also hope that you have already seen the team for you in Barangay Ginebra.Take care 'cause I care. :)

Your answers in last night's interview made me feel more emotional. Yes, Paul. You're right. The team's heart made you win.. I'm so happy for you. Thank you very much for last night's awesome game. Go Kid Lightning!!!

Though you weren't able to score last night, it doesn't matter. You tried, that's what's important. You helped the team a lot during the series. There are really times of being not-so-good, it's plain normal.

Coach Jong:
Congratulations! You are really a great coach. I admire your strategy. Many might not appreciate you as much as they idolize the players.. But I think you're just as great as the players you coach! Go Coach!! I'm always here to support you!

Chris P.:
You did great last night and in game 6. I never thought that you have those many hidden skills! I never thought that you were that good! Show your skills to everyone but stay humble 'cause that's what I like about you. :)

Though you weren't able to play, I admire you so much. I know how good you are and even if you were injured, you helped the team by cheering them up and reminding them of your motto. I saw your happiness last night and believe it or not, I've never seen you more handsome than how you looked like last night. Keep reaching for the stars but always remember to stay humble, okay?

I wasn't able to see you play for so long. I missed you so much. I have always waited for the camera to show the bench. You're really so goodlooking. And from what I've heard, kind too. I remember the time when you scored 8 points in 2 minutes and I was so happy that time. Hope I'll receive free ice cream from you.. Kidding! haha. But, seriously, I like you and can't wait to see you play more minutes next conference.

You did well this conference.. I'm so happy for you.. I saw your happiness last night. I hope that would last long.. :D Also hope that you'll keep up the good work or even do better.:)

Thanks for the effort during the whole conference.. I saw how much you strived hard, and for that I commend you. Try and try more next conference, okay? Never ever say die.. :)

Those who weren't able to play:
yes... I know it was sad and frustrating. But I know that Coach Jong would do something next conference to let you guys play. Thank you so much for supporting your teammates always. It helps so much, you know.


I love you Barangay Ginebra Kings and Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants!!! See you next conference!!! ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pag nainggit si Hanna...

Minsan lang ako mainggit. Promise!! I actually think na ngayon lang ako nainggit ulit... At eto na ang pinakagrabe kong kainggitan. (If there's such a word)

:(( Kasi naman... So many people are so mean. Iniinggit nila ako about game 7 on Wednesday na mapapanood nila ng live sa Araneta at ako sa tv.. ang sakit di ba? Bakit naman kasi Wednesday pa!!!!!!!!!!! Pwede namang Friday nalang ah.. Para naman kahit paano may chance di ba... Eh since Wednesday, (extension classes, may pasok sa Thursday) less than 1% yung chance ko manood. :(( Bakit sila pwede?? Bakit ako hindi??? Unfair!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people na nang-iinggit are the following: Tito Ikoy, Genevieve, Franklin, and other people (esp. those from the forum..)
Bakit ganun di ba???????????????? Maxadong sad... Maxadong masama sa kalooban.... :((

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

what i've learned so far

it's the first day of the second quarter! i honestly believe that it's a great achievement for me that i was able to stay alive after a quarter with my section! (no offense. i'm just not used to your ways, guys.) i'm so happy! only 3 quarters to go!!!

so what have i learned? well, i learned how to listen! dati kasi puro salita ako. i didn't have the "listening skills." i did not care much about stuff at school and blahblah. but now, i am more grade conscious. tapos bumait ako. haha. i have become more patient. kso mas madali na ko paiyakin ngayon. promise. kasi kahit simpleng bagay lang, maiiyakan ko kasi it will surely remind me of everything i've been through. un lang siguro ung bad thing ngayon. pati ung stupidity ko sa fil. haha.

yay! madami-dami pa ngayon eh. kso wala akong maisip ksi medyo nasiraan ako ng bait kanina. tapos may sakit pa ko. papasok kaya ako bukas? of course! except kung 38.9 na siguro temp ko.. hahahaha. babay. last post for the night. bukas na lang ulit.. :D

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